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The Greater Woodstock Chamber of Commerce is committed to the growth and success of local businesses. Our board members have decades of experience in entrepreneurship, project management, design, sales, marketing, and production, and they are dedicated to enhancing the business community. The Board is here to serve you; please reach out with any questions or concerns.


Sandra Fanjoy-Habold


Owner | Mother Nature's Market

618 Main Street, Woodstock NB

  • Board Member for 7 Years

  • Women in Business Entrepreneur of the Year

Serving on the board has been rewarding both personally, and professionally. I have had the opportunity to expand business contacts, work with our town leaders, and I have played a role in shaping how the Chamber supports our business community.

Wendy Cosman-Parlee


Owner | Creative Advertising Signs + Designs

103 First Plymouth Rd, Woodstock NB

  • Board Member for several years

  • Women in Business Entrepreneur of the Year

As an artist and graphic designer, I have enjoyed creating Christmas scenes every year including murals, and ensuring the gazebo is decorated for Mr + Mrs Claus. I'm also proud to be involved with the Santa Claus Parade, and the Night Market.

Margie McGuire

Vice President

Owner | Fashion Today

119 King Street, Woodstock NB

  • Board Member for several years

  • Business of the Year

  • Women in Business Entrepreneur of the Year

I am proud to be a part of the creation of the Woodstock Night Market - this initiative brought the Chamber Board together and  has benefited the town greatly.

Kelly Cummings-Brown


Owner | Vanity Flair & Eska's China

538 Lower Main St, Woodstock NB

  • Board Member for 35 years

  • Small Business Award

Woodstock comes to life during the Christmas season, and I love helping with the organization of the Festival of Lights.

Board Members

Sandra Hudson

Owner | Hudson Jewellers + Creative Framing

152 Rte 560, Upper Woodstock NB

Each year I organize the Santa Claus parade, which takes place in early December. I love seeing it come together, and I look forward to growing the parade year after year.

Art Smith

Managing Funeral Dir | Carleton Funeral Home

Board Member for 3 Years

Background: Supply Chain Management

I joined the Board to be more active within the community. I bring experience in negotiation and management. I am proud to be part of the Woodstock Night Market, and the Santa Claus Parade.

Ricky Nicholson

Owner | Fire Ready Extinguisher Sales + Service

Consultant | Public Safety / Coroner's Office

Board Member for 1 Year

Background: Former Fire Chief + Firefighter | Woodstock Fire Department, Former President of New Brunswick Fire Prevention Association

I enjoy working with the Board in an effort to expand and enhance our business community.

Michael Robinson

Marketing | Pure Country 104-CJCJ

1-131 Queen St, Woodstock NB

Board Member for 6 Years

I enjoy being involved in all of the Chamber committees, but especially the group that oversees the organization of Christmas celebrations.

Katie Bursey

Owner | Lena & Mae Bridal

1-109 Maple Street, Woodstock NB

Board Member for 1 Year

Background: Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Communications, and  Event Management.

I joined the Board to give back to the community that has supported the growth of my small business. I have enjoyed refreshing the marketing materials, and building the new Chamber website.

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