About Us

The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce was established out of a local Woodstock Board of Trade and was incorporated in 1987.  The Woodstock Chamber is proud to be the VOICE of our business Community and an organization that continually strives to meet the needs of our members and the business community.
Our Board of Directors consists of many experienced business owners, and managers all volunteers, who come with a huge amount of experience and knowledge of both the areas needs and the needs of our business community.
The Chamber of Commerce plays a very valuable role both with our local municipal government, our economic development agencies and organizations, ensuring a very valuable membership voice . Chamber Members have the benefit of support when they need it, through the Board, which represents each and every business. This voice of our business membership, as one collective voice has a strong impact on business issues and the community.

The Woodstock Chamber has mostly small businesses in our membership, but have the flexibility to offer membership to businesses from 1 person to any number.

As we move forward and this year doing a New Members drive, our membership continues to grow annually, as we continue to service all existing members with a comprehensive benefits package, designed to assist  business and your employees, especially through our Chamber Insurance program, along with other savings for your business as a member of the Chamber of Commerce .

As we move ahead into future, the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce will continue to address any current issues you as a business person may need support on, and we will continue to partner with community organizations, such as Enterprise Carleton, the Woodstock Tourism Partnership, the Carleton County Historical Society, the Town Of Woodstock, any Provincial or federal Issues we will lend our support as a Unified Voice of the Business Community.

The Executive and Directors of the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, meet regular each month , working harder for you our Business Community. Through the dedication and efforts of this Chamber of Commerce, we are proud and pledge to be your voice in our business community whenever you are in need.

The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce Office is housed in the local Farm Market Building on King street on the Waterfront of Woodstock, and our phone number is (506) 325-9049, and we are always happy to hear from you.